Review: Whiteside’s Daughter – The Life You Save

From the recommendation of the PR wire who provided this album for listening and reviewing, I decided to listen to this debut album by Jackson, Mississippi trio Whiteside’s Daughter. The outfit, joined by a few guest musicians, are definitely hard to peg in terms of genre. Their style is heavy, but not in the way of normal progressive rock bands. There isn’t much in the way of riffing or pretentious, cheesy cliches. Whiteside’s Daughter are completely different, really, and they are here to win an uphill battle.

The Life You Save by Whiteside's Daughter

“The Life You Save” is an affair that is always interesting and spell-binding. Indeed, I think that is the most impressive aspect here: the music grabs, holds and doesn’t let go. The band builds a wonderful wall of sound. One of the things you will notice right away is the fact that Whiteside’s Daughter is very comfortable with odd time signatures; the composition is genius and absolutely mind-boggling to perform.

The album never really stops, though. The two acts the record is comprised of are flowing with the incredible composition, though I feel that they are slightly more accessible. Piece after piece, a listener is blown away by the fullness of the sound and the ease with which the band establishes a groove.

The album is available here.

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